Air Conditioning Repairs

Stay Cool This Summer

Affordable air conditioning repairs

If your air conditioner breaks down this summer, don’t panic. Call RHS Heating and Air Conditioning to get it back up and running. If your unit is too far gone to repair, we will replace it with a brand-new air conditioner. Call 240-565-0277 for a free estimate on your air conditioner installation or repair.

4 reasons your air conditioner gave out

Air conditioners break down for all sorts of reasons. Here are the four most common we see:

  1. You’re low on refrigerant. This usually means there’s a leak somewhere in your unit.
  2. Your filter is too dirty. You should change your filter every 90 days – or more frequently if you have pets.
  3. Your unit is too old. Most air conditioners are built to last around 10 to 20 years.
  4. Your thermostat is broken. In this case, your unit technically works fine, but the thermostat isn’t registering the correct temperatures.
  5. Whatever the issue is with your unit, the HVAC pros at RHS Heating and Air Conditioning will fix it for you. Speak with a qualified heating and cooling expert today.