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Stay cool and relaxed no matter how hot the summer gets with the help of RHS Heating and Air Conditioning! We are specialists who provide all kinds of HVAC installation services such as setting up ductwork systems and central air conditioners. What sets us apart from the other brands in and around Laurel, MD is our commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, we go the extra mile to ensure we provide a tailored, personalized indoor cooling solution for you and your family.

Ready to get started? Clients can book an appointment with us at (240) 565-0277. Our HVAC installation services are available to clients from:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Crofton, MD
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  • Ellicott City, MD
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Gambrills, MD
  • Greenbelt, MD
  • Laurel, MD
  • New Carrollton, MD
  • Olney, MD
  • Silver Spring, MD
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Top-Notch HVAC Services in Laurel, MD

Central Air Conditioner Installation: Always Hire a Pro Before Starting

Some homeowners feel that taking on the task of HVAC installation themselves is more efficient since they won’t have to pay for fees. However, installing AC units on your own isn’t generally the best option.

Firstly, central air conditioner installations are very complex. It involves tapping into your home’s electrical line and ducts. So make one wrong move and you could end up harming both yourself and your property. To prevent these kinds of accidents, leave the installation to the pros.

Secondly, a DIY approach isn’t as affordable as most people think. In fact, considering all the tools and equipment you need, your total overhead wouldn’t stray from what pros charge for their services.

Lastly, HVAC installation experts can guide you through your options. This is very helpful especially for homeowners who aren’t sure about what kind of AC unit they’re looking for. There are plenty of options available on the market and choosing among them can be quite intimidating.

Need help with your central air conditioner installation? Then reach out to RHS Heating and Air Conditioning! Dial (240) 565-0277 for bookings in or near Laurel, MD.

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Ductwork Installation is Just One of Our Many Specialties

HVAC ductwork installations are just one of the many heating and cooling services we offer. In fact, you can also count on us for the installation of:

  • Heat Pumps: Need a versatile HVAC unit that can both cool and heat your indoor air? Then opt for a heat pump installation! These machines help homeowners achieve their ideal indoor air temperature by transferring heat to where it’s needed.
  • AC Units: Stay cool and fresh with your very own AC unit. We can hook you up with one that’s both powerful and energy-efficient.
  • Furnace Systems: For cold, winter days, you can count on our safe, reliable furnace systems. These will keep you warm and cozy faster than any fireplace or pair of socks could.

To learn more about the HVAC installation services we offer, drop us a line at (240) 565-0277. We’d love to hear from you!

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RHS Heating and Air Conditioning

Top-Notch HVAC Services in Laurel, MD

Having issues with your heating or air conditioning system? We provide affordable and effective repair and replacement services.
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Here are some of the reasons why proper HVAC ductwork installations are very important:

  • Good Airflow: The design of your ductwork plays a vital role in promoting good indoor airflow. Using a small design that consists of too many turns will produce inadequate air. Meanwhile, large, oversized ducts are hazardous and might suddenly collapse.
  • Reduced Humidity: Make sure your ducts are free of leaks. Otherwise, these will pile up and lead to mildew and mold growth. Once these accumulate around your ductwork, your air will start to feel damp, musty, and humid.
  • Regulated Temperature: Cracks and holes in your ductwork compromise your indoor air quality. For example, even if you have a perfectly fine AC unit, it won’t be able to cool your room if its air passes through ducts riddled with holes and cracks.

To learn more about the importance of ductwork systems, talk to RHS Heating and Air Conditioning! Our HVAC ductwork installation team will be more than happy to answer all your queries and questions. Clients from and around Laurel, MD can contact us at (240) 565-0277.

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Top-Notch HVAC Services in Laurel, MD
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